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School of Mathematics         The diagram illustrates the local accuracy of the tangent line approximation to a smooth curve, or--otherwise stated--the closeness of the differential of a function to the difference of function values due to a small increment of the independent variable.   IMA Public Lecture / colloq


The Departmental Colloquium, School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota, meets weekly on Thursdays from 3:30--4:30 pm in Vincent Hall 16. Refreshments are served from 3:10 pm in Vincent Hall 120.

Bob Gulliver is the Chair of the Departmental Colloquium for the Fall semester, 2013. Please contact him (, tel. 5-1560) if you have a good candidate for a colloquium speaker.

Schedule for Fall, 2013

Schedule for Spring, 2013

Date: Mo/Day/YearColloquium SpeakerTitleLocal Host
Date: Mo/Day/YearColloquium SpeakerTitleLocal Host
09/05/13   Will not meet
09/12/13   Will not meet
09/19/13   Brian Conrad
Stanford University
The ABC Conjecture   Fadil Santosa
09/26/13   TBA
TUES. 10/01/13   Shouwu Zhang
Princeton University
Congruent number problem and L-functions   Dihua Jiang
10/10/13   Fuquan Fang
Capital Normal University, Beijing
TBA   Tianjun Li
10/17/13   Gunnar Carlsson
Stanford University
TBA   Fadil Santosa
10/24/13   TBA
10/31/13   Anna Mazzucato
TBA   George Sell
11/07/13   TBA
11/14/13   TBA
11/21/13   TBA
11/28/13   Thanksgiving
12/05/13   TBA
TBA   hc
10/24/13   TBA
10/24/13   TBA

01/24/13   Ting Xue
(Northwestern University) Nilpotent Orbits and Springer Representations   Dennis Stanton 01/31/13   Lutz Weis
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) $L_p$ regularity of parabolic stochastic partial differential equations   Svitlana Mayboroda 02/07/13   Mark Behrens
MIT Exotic spheres and topological modular forms   Sasha Voronov 02/14/13   Will not meet
    02/21/13   Chris Rycroft
Univ. of California, Berkeley Modeling the toughness of metallic glasses   Hans Othmer 02/28/13   Idun Reiten
(NTNU) Categorification of quiver mutation   Gregg Musiker 03/07/13   Anna Mazzucato
(Penn State University) Incompressible Fluid Flows at High Reynolds Numbers Svitlana Mayboroda 03/14/13   Hiroshi Matano
(University of Tokyo) Some results on curve-shortening equations   Peter Polacik 03/21/13   Spring Break
    03/28/13   Richard Stanley
MIT Alternating permutations   Vic Reiner 04/04/13   Tony Lelievre
(Ecole des Ponts Paris) Numerical methods in molecular dynamics   Mitch Luskin 04/11/13   Shamgar Gurevich
Univ. Wisconsin   Solving the GPS problem in almost linear complexity   Gilad Lerman 04/18/13   David Dumas
Univ. of Illinois Chicago Complex projective structures and character varieties   Al Marden 04/25/13   Francesco Baldassarri
University of Padova Non-archimedean analysis of irregular singularities   Steve Sperber 05/02/13   Vlad Markovic
Cal Tech Virtual Classification of closed 3-manifolds   Al Marden 05/09/13   Will not meet

Schedule for Fall, 2012

Date: Mo/Day/YearColloquium SpeakerTitleLocal Host
09/06/12   Will not meet
09/13/12   Will not meet
09/20/12   Giorgio Fusco
(University of l'Aquila)  
Platonic polyhedra and periodic solutions of the classical N-body problem   Rick Moeckel
09/27/12   Evelyn Sander
(George Mason University)  
The cascades route to chaos_  Dick McGehee
10/04/12   Robert Hardt
(Rice University)  
Plateau Problems in Metric Spaces   Bob Gulliver
10/11/12   Peter Bates
(Michigan State University)  
The motion of particles driven by Allen-Cahn dynamics on the boundary of a smooth domain   Bob Gulliver
10/18/12   Margaret Beck
(Heriot-Watt Univ./Boston Univ.)  
Quasi-stationary states of the 2D Navier-Stokes equation   Arnd Scheel
10/25/12   Will not meet
11/01/12   Aaron Fogelson
(University of Utah)  
Mathematical Modeling of Blood Clotting: The Interplay of Coagulation Chemistry, Platelet Deposition, and Flow   Yoichiro Mori
11/08/12   Jim Haglund
(University of Pennsylvania)  
The Combinatorics of Macdonald Polynomials Dennis Hejhal
11/15/12   Tasho Kaletha
(Princeton University/IAS)  
The symmetry in numbers   Kai-Wen Lan
11/22/12   Thanksgiving
will not meet  
11/29/12   Ting Zhou
Electromagnetic Visibility and Invisibility   Fadil Santosa
12/06/12   Yu-Jong Tzeng
(Harvard University)  
Enumerative Geometry: from Classical to Modern   Dihua Jiang
12/13/12   Anne Shiu
(University of Chicago)  
Geometry and dynamics of reaction systems   Hans Othmer

Schedule for Spring, 2012

Date: Mo/Day/YearColloquium SpeakerTitleLocal Host
01/19/12   Robert Lipshitz
(Columbia University)  
What is Khovanov the homology of?   Tianjun Li
01/26/12   Lan-Hsuan Huang
(Columbia University)  
Positive mass theorems and scalar curvature problems   Jiaping Wang
02/02/12   Luca Rondi
(University of Trieste)  
Inverse problems and free-discontinuity problems   Daniel Spirn
02/09/12   Ben Brubaker
Whittaker coefficients of Eisenstein series   Adrian Diaconu
02/16/12   Will not meet
02/23/12   Yves Andre
(Ecole Normale Superieure)  
Arithmetic Gevrey series: an arithmetic look at asymptotic analysis and special functions   Bill Messing
03/01/12   Svitlana Mayboroda
(Univ. of Minnesota)  
Elliptic PDEs, analysis, and potential theory in irregular media   Mikhail Safonov
03/08/12   Holger Rauhut
(Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat, Bonn)  
Structured random matrices in compressive sensing   Gilad Lerman
03/22/12   Will not meet
03/27/12   Sergiu Klainerman
(Princeton University)  
Introduction to the Problem of Evolution in General Relativity   Markus Keel
03/29/12 Special Colloquium   Sergiu Klainerman
(Princeton University)  
Parametrices for Solutions of Wave Equations on a Rough, Curved Background Spacetime   Markus Keel
04/05/12   Jasmine Foo
(Univ. of Minnesota)  
Evolutionary dynamics of cancer   Hans Othmer
04/12/12   Robert MacKay
(University of Warwick)  
The mathematics of emergence   Arnd Scheel
04/19/12   Mikio Furuta  
(University of Tokyo)  
A real version of the Seiberg-Witten theory   Tian-Jun Li
04/26/12   Antonio Cordoba
(Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)  
Encounters at the interface between Harmonic Analysis and Number Theory   Carme Calderer
05/01/12 Special Colloquium   Camil Muscalu
(Cornell University)  
Iterated Fourier series and physical reality   Markus Keel
05/03/12   Daryl Cooper
(UC Santa Barbara)  
The story on infinitesimals: a conspiracy of silence?   Albert Marden

Schedule for Fall, 2011

Date: Mo/Day/YearColloquium SpeakerTitleLocal Host
09/15/11   Will not meet
09/22/11   Dmitriy Bilyk
(U. of M. and U. So. Carolina)  
The small ball inequality in analysis, discrepancy, probability, and approximation theory Mark Keel
09/29/11   Ovidiu Munteanu
(Columbia University)  
The geometry of gradient Ricci solitons   Jiaping Wang
10/06/11   Vitali Milman  
(Tel Aviv University)  
The Reasons Behind Some Classical Constructions in Geometry and Analysis   Sergey Bobkov
10/13/11   Frank Farris
Santa Clara Univ./Carleton
Undercover symmetry    
10/20/11   Hoai-Minh Nguyen
(University of Minnesota)  
Scaling laws of energy and patterns in some elastic thin film problems   Vladimir Sverak
10/27/11   Thierry Gallay
(Universite de Grenoble)  
The numerical measure of a complex matrix   Arnd Scheel
11/03/11   Zhiwei Yun
Motives and the inverse Galois problem   Dihua Jiang
11/10/11   Clark Barwick
The Tower of Babel Problem in higher category theory Tyler Lawson, Bill Messing
11/17/11   Konstantin Oskolkov
(Univ. of South Carolina)  
Vinogradov series   Svitlana Mayboroda
11/24/11   Thanksgiving  
Will not meet  
12/01/11   Erhan Bayraktar
(Univ. of Michigan)  
Stochastic Perron's method and verification without smoothness using viscosity comparison: the linear case   Peter Olver
12/08/11   John Francis
(Northwestern University)  
Factorization homology of topological manifolds   Sasha Voronov
12/15/11   Ellen Eischen
(Northwestern University)  
L-functions and p-adic interpolation   Dihua Jiang

Department Colloquium Archive

CANCELLED: 01/31/13   Charles Smart
MIT The Abelian sandpile, Apollonian circle packings, and regular tilings   Mitch Luskin