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Symmetries of Differential Equations: Frames, Invariants and Applications

A conference in honor of the 60th birthday of Peter Olver

May 17-19 (20), 2012 (Thursday-Saturday, informal session Sunday AM)

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Organizers: Niky Kamran, Gloria Marí Beffa, Willard Miller, and Guillermo R. Sapiro.

The conference will assess the present state of knowledge in the wide ranging but coherent research fields in which Peter has been involved and celebrate his profound influence on these fields through his books and papers and, especially, through an amazing number of students, postdocs and collaborators.

We anticipate funds being available for financial support to support selected participants. Junior researchers and members of underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

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Confirmed Speakers:  

Please let us know your interest in attending the conference. Further details will be added as they are finalized.

This conference is supported in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the University of Minnesota, and the Institute for Mathematics and its Application (IMA) through its Participating Institution (PI) Program. PI members may use IMA/PI funds to support travel of their personnel to this conference.