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Master of Financial Mathematics


Where students consider their options and plan their futures!

The Master of Financial Mathematics (MFM) program offers a great mix of academic and industry preparation for your career:

MFM courses are offered in the evenings to accommodate working professionals who are part-time students and to give full time students to obtain internships and industry specific projects. For a full-time student with a good undergraduate background in mathematics it is possible to graduate in one-year.

The MFM program has been designated as a Professional Science Master's program and ranked as a Top 25 Best Quant Programs by QuantNet.

Professional Science Master's

Upcoming Events

  • FMA - Interviewing Techniques, September 19, 2014 
  • FMA - Networking and LinkedIn, October 3, 2014 
  • FMA - Career Fair Prep , October 17, 2014 


Ye Zhang

JP Morgan Chase, Greater New York Area
MFM Class of 2011
Shijiazhuang, China

Though the program was new when I started, the school of Mathematics is a highly ranked Math Department. Moreover, instructors from industry and career services for students attracted me. Seminars on interviews, job hunting and mock interviews were helpful, particularly, the one-to-one training sessions we got from the career advisor. Those practice sessions helped me to improve not only my interview skills but also helped me significantly improve my overall communication capabilities, which are critical in my current career as an analyst and project leader.

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