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MCFAM - Minnesota Center for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics


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Dichen Li

Stonewain Inc, Berkekey Heights, NJ
MFM Class of 2012

Attending the University of Minnesota’s MFM program helped me make a transition from Physics to the quant field. The coursework helped me get the solid theoretical foundation and practical applications I needed to make the switch. During my time in Minnesota I met a lot of great people in the field – both local quants and visiting distinguished lecturers who are invited to participate in the program. I also got a lot of help with job hunting from our dedicated career development advisor. She just stayed focused on my situation with me until I recently landed a quant developer job at Stonewain Systems Inc, a provider of software solutions for the securities finance industry in New Jersey.

MCFAM is the University of Minnesota’s Center for all Financial and Actuarial programs and initiatives within the College of Science and Engineering's School of Mathematics. We provide students, prospective employers and the overall financial mathematics, actuarial and academic communities the benefit of an interdisciplinary and structured framework that combines faculty and industry expertise in shaping academic, professional and competitive excellence and integrity.

MCFAM Advantage

  • World Renowned Mathematics Faculty
  • Balanced Coursework, Mix of Faculty and Industry Instructors
  • Strong Network of Distinguished Lecturers
  • Collaborative Academic and Industry Relationship
  • Great Employment Opportunities
  • Excellent Career Development Support and Placement
More details on the MCFAM Advantage page.

Our Mission

  • Provide professional mathematics programs, academic and career advancement support that meets regional, national and international best practices.
  • Establish a working environment that enables professional interactions between MCFAM students, academics and members of the financial and actuarial mathematics industry.
  • Promote cross training for well-rounded financial and actuarial mathematics graduates.
  • Encourage industrial research and development to solve ongoing problems in the field and create new products using University developed tools.