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MCFAM - Minnesota Center for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics


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Samuel Hartmann

Towers Watson - Minneapolis, MN
Actuarial Class of 2013

The teachers at the University of Minnesota’s Actuarial program are great and really know their stuff. I love that the class sizes are smaller than normal lectures, which enabled me to get all the help I needed. Also, the dedicated career development from MCFAM and Actuary Club does a great job preparing students for all aspects of the job search.

MCFAM is the University of Minnesota’s Center for Financial and Actuarial Mathematics. We provide students an interdisciplinary framework for building a strong academic foundation and gaining real world experience with industry.

MCFAM is also a center for the quantitative finance, actuarial and academic communities to collaborate and advance the field. The alliances grow through various avenues – MCFAM/Partner-Sponsored Conferences, Lectures, Research, Giving, Recruiting and Ongoing Education of future generations of actuarial and quantitative finance practitioners and academics.