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School of Mathematics         The diagram illustrates the local accuracy of the tangent line approximation to a smooth curve, or--otherwise stated--the closeness of the differential of a function to the difference of function values due to a small increment of the independent variable. / midwestpde

The 52nd Midwest PDE Conference

November 15-16, 2003
School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota
John Lewis Kentucky
Yi Li Iowa
Igor Rodnianski Princeton/IAS
Mikhail Safonov Minnesota
Sylvia Serfaty Courant
Gieri Simonett Vanderbilt
Daniel Tataru UC Berkeley
Kevin Zumbrun Indiana


Organizers: M. Keel, N. Krylov, W. Littman, P. Polacik, V. Sverak 

Conference Management: H. Singh, K. Swedell
Website: R. Dragan
Support: NSF (Including the Midwest PDE grant); Sloan Foundation;
University of Minnesota, School of Mathematics