Zhong, Li

School of Mathematics

University of Minnesota

206 Church St. SE.

Minneapolis, MN 55455

Office: Vincent Hall 358

Phone#: (612)625-3896

email: lzhong@math.umn.edu


Spring 2008: Math 1031

Fall 2007: Math 1051

Fall 2006: Math 2263

Spring 2006: Math 1142

Fall 2005 : Math 1051

Spring 2005: Math 1272 Section 035

Fall 2004 : Math 1272 Section 025

Fall 2003: Math 1272 Section 012,014

Study and Research

My advisor is Professor Paul Garrett. My interest is in :

Automorphic Forms, Number Theory, Representation Theory, Category Theory

Here you can find some of my notes. Most of these are still drafts and the styles are more detailed toward computations than I had wanted. Hopefully they will change in time...

Presentation (11/01/2007)

Discrete spectrum of the symplectic-orhogonal dual pair (10/01/2007)

Equivariant Distributions (09/28/2007)

Notes on representations theory (09/25/2007)

A simple Siegel-Weil formula (02/14/2006)

Study notes for Rudin's Functional Analysis (05/02/2006)

Student Lie Groups Seminar (04/24/2007)

Student Automorphic Forms Seminar (04/24/2007)

Math 8208 Theory of Modular Forms and L-Functions discussion


The work of Langlands


Mathematician Genealogy Project

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