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This is the homepage of Vishal Saraswat, Assistant Professor, at the C.R.Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science (AIMSCS), Hyderabad-India, studying Number Theory, Cryptography, Computer Security, and related subjects. Here is a list of my publications and project reports.

Practical and Secure Integrated PKE+PEKS with Keyword Privacy
Secure and Efficient Scheme for Delegation of Signing Rights
How to Leak a Secret and Reap the Rewards too
A Secure Anonymous Proxy Multi-signature Scheme
Remote Cache-timing Attacks Against AES
Anonymous Signatures Revisited
Public-Key Encryption with Searchable Keywords based on Jacobi Symbols
Secure and Efficient Long Term Data Management
Long Term Key Management
Applied Remote Cache-timing Attacks Against AES
A Note on Cryptographic Multilinear Maps
Basic Lie Theory
To schedule an appointment with me, please email me at vishal@umn.edu.