Richard McGehee
The Mathematics of Climate Seminar
University of Minnesota
School of Mathematics


Fall 2016 Schedule


September 13, 2016
       An Introduction to Energy Balance, Richard McGehee, School of Mathematics
       Earth's global mean surface temperature can be estimated using elementary physics: conservation of energy and the theory of black body radiation.
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September 20, 2016
       An Introduction to Budyko's Equation, Richard McGehee, School of Mathematics
       Budyko's equation of energy balance predicts the existence of stable ice caps for Earth's current climate.
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September 27, 2016
       Huybers' Model of Glacial Cycles, Somyi Baek, School of Mathematics
       In a 2007 paper, Huybers introduced a simple model exhibiting the changes in amplitude and frequency seen in the climate record (the mid-Pleistocne transition).
October 4, 2016
       Huybers' Identification of Deglaciations, Cameron Thieme, School of Mathematics

Huybers introduced a computer algorithm to automatically pick out deglaciations from paleoclimate data. There are problems with using the algorithm on alternate data sets and on data sets from different geologic times.

October 11, 2016
       Huybers' Model as a Filippov System, Somyi Baek, School of Mathematics
       Huybers' model can be viewed as Filippov system with a discontinuity boundary containing crossing regions as well as both attracting and repelling sliding regions.

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