Richard McGehee
The Mathematics of Climate Seminar
University of Minnesota
School of Mathematics


Fall 2015 Schedule


January 27, 2015
       Hopf bifurcation for Welander's piecewise smooth model of ocean circulation, Richard McGehee, School of Mathematics
       A simple box model of ocean circulation exhibits an analog of Hopf bifurcation for discontinuous vector fields.
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February 3, 2015
       Nonlinear Sliding and its Role in Welander's Model, Juliann Leifeld, School of Mathematics
       I'll define nonlinear sliding, and discuss the blow up method for determining behavior on a splitting manifold. I'll apply this method to Welander's model to discuss the possibility of nonlinear sliding there, and I'll end with a brief discussion of the role nonlinear sliding might have on generalization of bifurcation phenomena and normal forms.
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February 10, 2015
       Periodic Thresholds and Rotations of Relations, Jonathan Hahn, School of Mathematics
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February 17, 2015
       Peatland Constraints on the Deglacial CO2 Rise from Ice Cores, Alice Nadeau, School of Mathematics
       I'll discuss the details of a box model I've constructed which tries to explain the effect the growth of the peatlands had on the atmosphere after the glaciers retreated.
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February 24, 2015
       Perspectives on Resilience using Stommel's Ocean Box Model, Kate Meyer, School of Mathematics
       Discussion of the resilience of natural systems pervades modern conversations about sustainability. Often, resilience is defined qualitatively as a system's capacity to absorb disturbance and maintain its structure and function, but metaphors to basins of attraction suggest a mathematical interpretation is possible. The Resilience Working Group of MCRN is attempting to quantify resilience in a dynamical systems framework. In this talk I'll report on several possible measures of resilience, using Stommel's ocean box model to illustrate them.
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March 31, 2015
       An Exposition of Cessi's Ocean Circulation Model, Kate Meyer, School of Mathematics
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April 7, 2015
       Huybers' Stochastic Glacial Process and Random Circle Maps, Jon Hahn, School of Mathematics
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