Here is a photo from 2000 taken by Ira Gessel. Thanks, Ira!
Dennis Stanton
School of Mathematics
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455


A more recent picture from May 2004

Course information


Information about the Midwest Combinatorics Conference, May 19-21, 2015

Information about the Askey 80th conference to be held in Madison, Wisconsin, December 6-7, 2013.


My publication list is here, which includes pdf or ps versions of papers. For papers not yet appearing, see preprints.

Combinatorics Seminar schedule

In Spring 2016 we meet on Friday, 3:35-4:25. Schedule Pasha Pylyavskyy and Mike Chmutov are the organizers this semester.

Fun stuff: top 50 movies, top 40 music top 25 painters. favorite actresses

You can't beat this

Some old April Fools Day memos 1988 1992 1993 1994 .

A Fun test

If you are interested in managing a baseball team in a face-to-face Dynasty League, contact me.

A picture of Dunham Jackson.

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