Peter Webb's Representation Theory Book

I am writing a book with the title
Finite Group Representations for the Pure Mathematician
which you may download by clicking on:
Book download
The book arises from notes of courses taught at the second year graduate level at the University of Minnesota. It is intended to be used as a learning tool by people who do not know the subject, rather than as an encyclopaedic reference. The book's title is intended to indicate both breadth and limitations: it will probably not be very useful to most physicists or chemists, but it is intended to be appropriate for non-specialists in the area of representation theory, such as those whose primary interest is topology, combinatorics or number theory. It is also intended to be a learning tool for those who may become specialists in the area.

The current download comes from July 2012.

If you have comments on what I have written so far, and particularly if you use this material for teaching, please let me know.