Summer REU's (Research Experiences for Undergrads)

Vic Reiner

I started mentoring REUs in Summer of 2000, and since 2005 have been co-mentoring them with various
of my combinatorial colleagues, Gregg Musiker, Pavlo Pylyavskyy and, Dennis Stanton.

Upcoming REU info

Our 13th annual REU program in combinatorics will be held in the summer of 2015, at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.
We expect at least 10 participants to spend 8 weeks in residence between June 01, 2015 and July 24, 2015.
The application deadline is Saturday, February 14, 2015.
Applications are submitted through the MathPrograms listing, which lists the necessary application materials.

The REU coordinator for Summer 2015 is Pasha Pylyavskyy.
Here are answers to some frequently asked REU questions.

Some current REU Summer 2015 info

Mentors: P. Pylyavskyy*, M. Chmutov, Z. Hamaker, J. Lewis, B. Pawlowski, V. Reiner, D. Stanton

Elise DelMas (VinH556)
Al Garver (VinH550)
Thomas McConville (VinH526, but prefers e-mail)
Rebecca Patrias (VinH552)

Participants: Colin Aitken, Louis Gaudet, Ben Houston-Edwards, Pakawut (Pro) Jiradilok, Adam Keilthy, Joseph Lawson, James Stevens, Praveen Venkataramana, Lillian Webster, Yinuo Zhang, Shuqi Zhou

No. Mentor TAs Notes Sources Student
Date(s) Students
1 P. Pylyavskyy Patrias Day 1 notes Lascoux-Leclerc-Thibon (none; problem withdrawn)
2 V. Reiner Garver Day 2 notes Derksen-Fink

J. Lawson

Mon 6/15
Joseph, James
3 D. Stanton Garver Day 3 notes Bressoud

A. Keilthy

Fri 6/19
4 R. Patrias Patrias Day 4 notes Algorithms sheet
BKSTY, Li, Gaetz et al
Patrias-Pylyavskyy on K-PR*
on dual filtered graphs


Y. Zhang

S. Zhou

Mon 6/22

Mon 6/22
Adam, Lilly, Shuqi, Yinuo
5 P. Pylyavskyy DelMas Day 5 notes Lam-Pylyavskyy*
B. Houston-Edwards

L. Gaudet
Wed 6/24

Wed 6/17
Ben, James, Lou, Pro
6 M. Chmutov McConville Day 6 notes Fomin(Sections 1-2)*
Williams(Sections 1-2)*
P. Jiradilok
J. Stevens

Fri 6/19
Fri 6/19

Ben, James, Pro
7 B. Pawlowski
and Zach Hamaker
McConville Day 7 notes Knutson-Miller*
Lilly W.

Mon 6/22

Adam, Lilly, Shuqi, Yinuo
8 J. Lewis DelMas Day 8 notes Gelfand-Kapranov-Zelevinsky book Chap. 14

C. Aitken

Mon 6/15
Colin, Lou
9 V. Reiner McConville Day 9 notes by Al
Day 9 notes by Vic
TBD TBD Ben, Joseph, Pro
10 D. Stanton TBD (Gessel walks) Kauers-Koutschan-Zeilberger P. Venkataramana Wed 6/24 Praveen

Past REU info

Some published papers that resulted from my early REUs are on my papers web page

Here are the reports from the REUs, in reverse chronological order. An asterisk indicates the REU coordinator.

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